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On the shores of Lake Starnberg, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you will find a residence where history meets modern elegance. The Villa de Osa on the shores of the lake is more than just a property, it is a journey through time.

Step by step, you are taken into a world of luxury. As you enter, the whispers of years gone by embrace you as your gaze falls through the windows onto the glistening waters of the lake. Here, in the north-east of Lake Starnberg, the rhythm of life is inspired by the natural beauty of the surroundings. Every day begins with the gentle sound of the waves and ends with the warm glow of the sun setting over the horizon. In this seaside retreat, you don’t just live, you celebrate life in its purest form.

Immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this exceptional location. Here, living becomes a daily pleasure.


At the charming Lake Starnberg, nature unfolds its beauty in a very unique way. In this place, the essence of the “Art of Living” can be felt in every breeze. The highest art of living is experienced here – arriving in your own individual hideaway, where your home is not just a place, but a way of life.


Parks and recreation
  1. Bathing Area: Percha
  2. Nature preserve: Leutstettener Moos
  3. Bathing Area: Seebad Starnberg
  4. State park: Schlossgarten
  5. Munich rowing and sailing club Bayern from 1910 e.V.
  6. Bathing Area: Steininger
  1. Starnberg Castle
  2. Event venue: Schlossberghalle Starnberg
  3. Museum: Lake Starnberger
  4. Library: Stadtbücherei Starnberg
  5. Cinema: Breitwand
  1. Manna Taste & See
  2. Essbar Vine & Gin Starnberg
  3. Restaurant Al Gallo Nero Starnberg
  4. Il Duetto dello Stretto
  5. Wirtshaus im Tutzinger Hof
  6. TuNong Asia Fusion Kitchen
  7. Restaurant Oliv’s
  8. Gourmetrestaurant Aubergine
  9. Strandhouse Starnberg
  10. Roomsteak Grillhouse
  11. MeGa Cafe & Backshop & Bistro
  12. Seestub’n Percha
  1. Elementary School: Percha
  2. Elementary School: Starnberg (Ferdinand-Maria-Straße)
  3. Elementary School: Starnberg (Schlossbergstraße)
  4. School: Private Volksschule Maria Montessori
  5. School: Fachoberschule Starnberg
  6. School: Gymnasium Starnberg
  7. School: Mittelschule Starnberg
  8. Pre-School: Evangelischer Kindergarten Starnberg
  9. Pre-School: Starnberger Spielinsel
  10. Pre-School: Städt. Kindergarten am Hirschanger
  1. Farmers market: Starnberger Kirchplatz
  2. EDEKA
  3. REWE
  4. Alnatura Super Natur Markt
  5. EDEKA Häfner
  6. Feinkost Dymar
  7. Starnbäcker
Lageplan Starnberger See


The location not only offers breathtaking scenery, but also a variety of special features that make living here an unforgettable experience and focus on quality of life.

The surroundings of Lake Starnberg are characterized by majestic Alpine panoramas, lush green forests and charming villages. A walk along the lakeside promenade reveals the timeless beauty of this region. Tradition and modernity blend together here, resulting in an atmosphere that energizes the spirit and appeals to the senses.

One of the outstanding features is definitely the historic villa on the eastern shore, an architectural masterpiece that reflects the history of the region. Overlooking the lake and surrounded by lush gardens, this villa is not only a witness to times in bygone days, but also a place that captures the essence of Starnberg.

The leisure opportunities here are almost limitless. Water sports enthusiasts will find their paradise for sailing, swimming or simply lingering on the shore. The surrounding hiking trails and cycle routes offer the perfect opportunity to explore the idyllic landscape. And for those who appreciate cultural life, there is an endless array of events and festivals that bring the community together.

Lake Starnberg is not just a place to live, but a place that brings new life.

Villa de Osa und Projekt Arthouse
Ansicht Villa de Osa


Augusta de Osa


The prestigious architect Ernst Haiger designed the traditional property in Kempfenhausen on behalf of Augusta de Osa, wife of the Colombian ambassador in Paris. She is the namesake of the Villa de Osa. Since 1909, the neo-baroque villa on the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg has been a place that whispers stories while offering the comfort and amenities of modern times.

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Ausblick Terrasse Starnberger See

Villa de


Villa de Osa a Monument

The historic Villa de Osa in the neo-baroque style is a true monument to times gone by. It bears witness to a bygone era when splendor and elegance were the norm. Its imposing exterior reflects the glorious days when this residence was not only a home but also a center of society. The charm of centuries past pervades every corner, while the property itself is a tribute to the art of architecture.

This historic villa breathes the spirit of earlier eras, and each room tells its own story. The artful details of the interior, such as the original parquet floors, are a tribute to craftsmanship. The view from the historic windows of Villa de Osa opens out onto the magnificent Lake Starnberg, which forms the backdrop to this impressive property. The garden, laid out with attention to detail, invites you to enjoy the fresh lake air and take in the history that surrounds this property. Here, the garden becomes an extension of the living space, a place where you can experience the calm and magic of nature.

The individuality of this residence knows no bounds. Every room opens up new possibilities and invites you to turn your own dreams and visions into reality. From art-filled lounges to stylish bedrooms, Villa de Osa offers a space for personal development.



Living space232,77 m²
Living/Usable space409,99 m²

Ground floor

Living space335,55 m²
Living/Usable space405,49 m²

1st Floor

Living space298,84 m²
Living/Usable space298,84 m²


Living space867,16 m²
Living/Usable space1114,32 m²


Property area5.869 m²
The villa has a park surrounded by old trees, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Starnberg.
Terrasse Villa de Osa

Living on the Lakeside

The villa not only unites rooms, but also creates a scenery for everyday life. The details, from the curved architecture to the careful selection of materials, contribute to a sense of style in all areas. At Villa de Osa, aesthetics become a philosophy of life, and everyday life becomes a continual piece of artwork.
Perspektive Villa de Osa


No property can match the timeless beauty and endless potential of this villa.

Villa de Osa, a historical gem, opens its doors to those who are not just looking for a home, but a place of inspiration and limitless possibilities. Here you can not just live, but also breathe history.

What makes this villa especially appealing is its variable nature. Not only can it serve as a dream home, it can also introduce a new era in the commercial world. Imagine how your dreams can become reality.

This historic villa can be more than just a residence – it can be your personal retreat and a space for creative development at the same time.

Villa de Osa could become your family home or your private residence. It also has the potential to be the elegant location of your company headquarters or family office, as well as offering an ambience worthy of an embassy.

It’s not just about buying a house; it’s about creating a place that continues to write your story.

Deko Villa de Osa


There is sometimes more to the world of real estate than just floor plans and square meters.

One particular gem that has lasted through time is the historic Villa de Osa. This majestic residence tells stories of bygone eras and uniquely combines aesthetics with timeless elegance.

The villa, with its central circular structure and two wings, extends over three impressive floors, starting in the atmospheric basement, which gives guests the feeling of stepping into another era. The building reveals a semi-circular floor plan that is not only visually appealing, but also creates a special atmosphere. Inspired by Solitude Palace, the domed central section of the villa is surprising and gives the entire property a unique personality.

The facade of the Villa de Osa is a work of art in itself. Richly decorated and artistically designed, it tells of a time when craftsmanship and attention to detail were paramount. The interiors continue this richness, with artistically designed stucco elements adorning the walls.

Villa de Osa is not just a building; it is a living work of art that breathes history in every corner. A place that honors the past while embodying timeless elegance. There are many houses in the world of real estate, but few tell such fascinating stories as this historic villa with its unique charm and unparalleled aesthetics throughout.

Schlafzimmer in Villa
Innenraum Villa de Osa
SPA Bereich Villa de Osa

Style in every detail

Villa de Osa is not just a building; it is a work of art that perfects the interplay of architecture, functionality and beauty. Here every room becomes a canvas on which life writes its own stories. An aesthetic that not only wants to be seen, but experienced. Welcome to a home that inspires the senses and touches the heart.

Garten Villa de Osa
gezeichnete Villa

Villa de
Osa GmbH

Welcome to the exclusive universe of timeless elegance and unsurpassed quality – presented by Villa de Osa GmbH. We transform visionary living dreams into breathtaking reality and set new standards for sophisticated living.

Three renowned companies, the Hermann Oberschneider Family Foundation, the Pletzer Group and Chiemgau Residenzen, have joined forces to form Villa de Osa GmbH and can look back on more than 40 years of successful experience in the construction sector and as property developers.

With these companies, we stand for more than just construction – we create works of living art in which every detail has been thought through and every facet perfected. From the selection of first-class building materials to the artistic design of the interiors, we place the highest value on quality, durability and timeless aesthetics.

Our exclusive real estate projects represent not only architectural masterpieces, but also a lifestyle that combines luxury and comfort. Each of our projects reflects a relentless dedication to perfection and stands out through innovative design concepts and sustainable building practices.

Experience a new dimension of living with Villa de Osa GmbH – where grandiose location, outstanding architecture and first-class facilities come together. Our team of experts is on hand to help you realize your individual wishes and ideas and create a home that exceeds your expectations.