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Real estate investments on Lake Starnberg

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Investing on the shores of Lake Starnberg: a symbiosis of luxury, nature and architecture

In the heart of one of Bavaria’s most sought-after regions, on the idyllic shores of Lake Starnberg, a real estate project is being created that is second to none – the Villa de Osa and the Arthouse. These properties are not just living space, but embody a holistic attitude to life that unites luxury, elegance and closeness to nature in a unique way.

Probably the most exclusive real estate project on Lake Starnberg

Unique investment opportunity: Villa de Osa and Arthouse

As part of a renowned family office that specializes in first-class real estate projects, we offer you the exclusive opportunity to invest in these exceptional properties. The Villa de Osa and the Arthouse – a new building project on Lake Starnberg – not only represent living culture at the highest level, but also stand for an investment that is unparalleled in terms of location, quality and potential. See also: Buying a house on Lake Starnberg

Luxury meets design and comfort

Every detail of the Villa de Osa and the Arthouse project has been designed with the utmost care and precision, not only to meet aesthetic requirements but also to offer maximum comfort. The spacious living areas with floor-to-ceiling windows open up views of the glistening Lake Starnberg and the picturesque surroundings, while the opulent bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms create an ambience of peace and relaxation.

villa de osa bird's eye view
The Villa de Osa

The perfect symbiosis of nature and urban life

Situated in a breathtaking natural landscape, the Villa de Osa and the Arthouse offer the perfect retreat for those seeking the peace and beauty of the lake without having to forego the proximity to the vibrant metropolis of Munich. Here you will find the best of both worlds – unspoiled nature right on your doorstep and urban life just a few minutes’ drive away.

An investment with prospects

The strong demand for exclusive residential properties on Lake Starnberg and the steady increase in value in this prime location make Villa de Osa and the Arthouse not only a remarkable residential opportunity, but also a first-class investment. As an investor, you have the chance to become part of this prestigious project and benefit from its many advantages.

Become part of this exclusive community

We cordially invite you to join us for this exclusive opportunity and become part of the unique lifestyle offered by Villa de Osa and the Arthouse on Lake Starnberg. For further information and to arrange an exclusive viewing appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discover with us what it means to be at home in one of Bavaria’s most attractive real estate projects.

By investing in Villa de Osa and the Arthouse, you are not only investing in first-class living quality, but also in a sustainable investment in one of Germany’s most exclusive regions. We look forward to meeting you in person and opening the doors to a life of luxury, nature and architectural masterpieces.

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On the shore of Lake Starnberg you will find the Villa de Osa. Living here becomes a daily pleasure: discover the new way of living.

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