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Villa de Osa: a masterpiece of architecture and history on Lake Starnberg

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On the idyllic shores of Lake Starnberg stands a masterpiece of incomparable beauty and captivating history: the Villa de Osa, a highlight of neo-baroque architecture, created by the famous architect Ernst Haiger. Built in 1909 as an elegant home for Augusta de Osa, a native of Hamburg and widow of the former Colombian ambassador in Paris, this magnificent property combines exquisite architecture with a rich history.

The most important facts summarized in advance

  • Architectural highlight: Villa de Osa on Lake Starnberg, a neo-baroque masterpiece by Ernst Haiger for Augusta de Osa, combines impressive architecture with a multi-layered history.

  • Special past: In the 1950s, the villa became famous for an event that makes its history unique and lends it a mysterious aura.
  • Diverse use: From its use by the Wehrmacht to a café and the planned conversion into luxury apartments, the villa has a varied history.
  • Inspiration for literature: The villa and its unique history have influenced writers such as Fritz Fenzl, who have explored the mysterious aspects of Upper Bavaria.
  • A dream home for the elite: The conversion of the villa into an exclusive residential complex promises to be an outstanding domicile for discerning residents.

With its impressive two-storey, dome-crowned main building, reminiscent of the central part of Solitude Palace, an inviting entrance area and elegant, semi-circular mansard roof extensions, the villa presents itself as a gem of exceptional beauty.

The adjoining terraces and extensive park offer breathtaking views over Lake Starnberg and create an atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment. After a series of careful renovations and extensions, the villa most recently served as part of a contemporary private clinic and is now on the cusp of a new era in which it will be converted into exclusive apartments.

The dome-topped main building

A captivating chapter of Bavarian history: the hidden secret of Villa de Osa

Rooted in the depths of Bavarian history, Villa de Osa holds a tale that attracts the attention of history and culture lovers. In the 1950s, it became the scene of a significant event that is still remembered today. Known at the time as the Schön-Klinik, behind its gleaming white façade and elegant wings hides a chapter full of twists and turns.

It is precisely this mixture of aesthetic grace and deep history that gives the site its unique aura.

From historical transformation to modern residence: the complex history of Villa de Osa

After the death of Augusta de Osa in 1944, the Villa de Osa underwent a period of transformation: taken into possession by the Wehrmacht, later used by the American armed forces and as a refuge for refugees, it fulfilled a variety of functions over the years.

Innenraum Villa de Osa

These eventful times led to a phase of renewal when the villa was converted into a private health center. Through the hands of various owners, including Valentin Argirov, it underwent further changes and was most recently operated by Schön Kliniken.

Part of the villa served as a café for the public until 2016. Currently, the villa is preparing for a new chapter: the transformation into an exclusive residential complex, which is another highlight in the fascinating chronicle of this extraordinary place.

Inspiration and mystery: Villa de Osa in the world of literature

Fritz Fenzl, a writer with a penchant for the mysterious, draws endless inspiration from the Villa de Osa. The captivating stories and legends woven around the estate not only serve him as material for his stories; they open a door to a world in which the mysterious mingles with the profound.

His fascination with the villa is reflected in his books, which explore the hidden corners of Upper Bavaria and provide readers with deep insights into the complex layers of human nature.

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Exclusive invitation: discover your dream home at Villa de Osa

Villa de Osa is synonymous with exclusivity and historical significance on picturesque Lake Starnberg, a rare opportunity for discerning lovers of exceptional real estate. More than just its impressive architectural heritage and the stories that surround it, the villa offers the potential to be transformed into a domicile of unparalleled elegance and unmistakable charm.

The Villa de Osa is not just an estate; it opens the doors to a world full of history, luxury and fascination. A gem for all those who strive for something special. We will be happy to provide you with the floor plans and a detailed exposé on request.


Villa de Osa, located on the shores of Lake Starnberg, symbolizes the perfect combination of impressive architecture, moving history and literary inspiration. Its evolution from a stately residence to a place full of stories to a pioneering project for exclusive living not only reflects the dynamic history of Bavaria, but also underlines the enduring enthusiasm that such places evoke in people.

As a new era dawns, the villa’s legacy – interwoven with mystery, dramatic events and aesthetic splendor – remains an irresistible draw for those who want to look deeper and be a part of its outstanding history. Villa de Osa confirms its status as a jewel on Lake Starnberg, whose stories and mysteries continue to capture the imagination and inspire generations of storytellers, architecture enthusiasts and seekers of the extraordinary.

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On the shore of Lake Starnberg you will find the Villa de Osa. Living here becomes a daily pleasure: discover the new way of living.

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